Photo Gallery

Our trip to New York only produced a few pictures.

  1. Someone_Had_Some_Roses_Waiting_in_the_room....
  2. American_Girl_Place
  3. Our_room_with_a_View

Someone Had Some Roses Waiting in the room....

The lucky woman and her 2 dozen long stemmed roses.

That's another 24 smaller roses.... How many roses does that make?? Someone is spoiled!!

Almost like a bouquet picture

Dressed up for Dinner and a show (Grease)

American Girl Place

Mix and match your twins!

Everything Molly. The main Molly display.

Stage Molly

Dress-up Molly

More Molly!

Camping Molly and her tent.

That's one nice tent Molly!!

Molly movie poster

That's the admitting ward for the American Girl Hospital (honest, it says that!)

Any dolls need styling??

Yep, that's the stylist making every curl just right.

Our room with a View

The view down the street from our window towards Times Square

Another view towards Times Square.

One more view.

One more perspective.

This is the intersection that entertained us every night. The New york drivers are nuts!!