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It was a dark and dreary night…..  OK, no it wasn’t…… 

It was a bright and sunny day.  We both had arrived at the Port of Oakland for the Opening Day for Sailing on the Bay.  We were both there with a singles group called Table for Six.  It wasn’t long after arriving that David noticed the attractive woman in brown cords and an off-white top and Laurie noticed a tall strapping young man with short black hair.  Now, David has brown hair and was not quite as strapping, but somewhere along the course of the day Laurie did talk to him.  It was following the trip that Laurie and David got to know each other.

After being on the bay, a group of T46 dropped in at one of the local bars for a drink and to get to know each other.  Laurie was talking with some dude named Jeff and David was having great fun watching as the guy failed to catch on to Laurie’s obvious interest.  Especially when they were talking about how to tell if a woman is interested.  After the trip Laurie and David had occasion to exchange a few emails.  The emails lead to phone calls.  Before you knew it, Laurie was telling David that she would go out with him if he would ask her.  Well, it didn’t take David long before he caught on and they made a date to meet for dinner that night (David was sharp enough to catch on to her subtle hints…).

Over the course of the next month it became clear to both of them that there was something different with this situation.  David stopped gallivanting around and both of them soon had their memberships put on hold.  Through the course of the next few months David and Laurie began spending more and more time together, even as David’s MBA program and Laurie’s promotion into management attempted to derail them.

In September, they went on the Windjammer Trip from hell, but they survived with a solid relationship and some good stories to tell their friends (it’s all on the web at http://www.bgaf.org/windjammer/fall2004/ ).  Laurie cooked Thanksgiving at David’s place for his family and then went to Belmont to join David’s family for Christmas.  It wasn’t long after Thanksgiving that David started hearing from his family “well…”.

The well happened on January 22nd, but you’ll need to go to the engagement tab for that story….