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We’ve put together a couple of wedding registries.                     


Things are rapidly progressing.  We’ve got someone to play and sing a couple songs for the wedding, a DJ to play at the reception (Rens from Soundtrax), a caterer (Massimo’s), a florist (Perfect Petals), a photographer (Karen Tamaki), and a videographer (Zoom Video).  Laurie has her maid of honor and a date for delivery of her dress.  David has …  well he knows when the bachelor party is supposed to be (or so he thinks) and plans on when to get the tux.  We’ve got the shuttle lined up to get people from Los Gatos to Nestldown (trust us, you don’t want to drive the hills; especially after the reception).  The “Save the Date” cards should be all out now.


We even have a few things planned to keep everyone on their toes during the ceremony and after (no we’re not telling!).

Oh, how could I forget, we have an officiant too!!  David’s father will be officious for our wedding.

You’ll notice that there’s a “Marriage Celebration” planned too!!  This will be held August 20th and will be a swanky semi-formal event.  The party will be a big shindig and we’ll have lots of fun (maybe a surprise or two there too).