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Hello Everyone –

 Laurie and David have a little announcement to pass along to you.  On the morning of 22 January we became engaged.

 It started off as a typical Saturday morning.  We made plans for breakfast at the Los Gatos Café where we visit probably 2 of every 3 weekends.  They know us there and our usual order to the waitress is “the usual”.  This time something strange happened when Laurie’s meal came.  There was a strange little package on a lettuce leaf; what Laurie noticed as odd was that David didn’t have one.  Her initial reaction was “what’s this?”  At which point David began talking about how happy he’d been since they’d met and got about 1½ sentences into it before he couldn’t talk very well.  He worked through it though and said something about smiles and light to life (it’s all a bit blurry).  Then David slid around the end of the table and got down on a knee and asked that fateful question “Will you marry me??”  Laurie’s response was “DEFINITELY!” 

It seems David had been to the Los Gatos Café the day before and arranged to have this little package arrive. He’d arranged to have the ring presented to Laurie as part of her regular breakfast.

The rest of the day was spent with my family and a couple friends on a previously planned trip to Fenestra Winery to taste soup and wine.  The last stop of the day was to drop in on a Table For Six dinner so we could let our friend, the T46 hostess know about our exciting news.  There were a couple phone calls and a few text messages, but most of you are just finding out now.

Everyone wants to know when, where, what and how.  So we’ve put together the following Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for you….

When will you get married? We just got engaged, for criminy sakes!!! We’re considering August right now, but it’s very up in the air.
Where will you get married? See the first part of the last question.
What will the colors be? See the first part of the first question.  This wasn’t even a question that had crossed our minds
What style of wedding band? Hey, it was hard enough picking the engagement ring!!!
What will the dress look like? OK, if you haven’t figured it out yet, we don’t know any details yet.
Will there be an engagement party? Depends on when our heads stop spinning and if someone throws us one.
Can I come?  Can I come? We don’t know who will be invited yet.  We do know the wedding will be a VERY small family-type event.  We plan on having several post-nuptial parties (San Jose; Wichita Falls, Texas; Northern Virginia).

David & Laurie

(or is it Laurie & David??  We’re so confused right now!!)