The Wedding

August 13, 2005 4:00 p.m.
Nestldown, Los Gatos, California


It was a gorgeous California day just like one would pick for a wedding….  Maybe a touch on the cool side, but you won’t find us complaining.  OK, so neither one of us would complain about this if it were a torrential down pour and we were covered in mud from head to toe.  Yet, I digress…  It may be a while before the official pictures arrive, but our friend’s blog has some pictures of the event at:

The weather was comfortable for the ceremony in the Chapel and we arrived with the Best Man (Ralph Kapostins) and the Maid of Honor (Nadine McLearon) arrived at the cocktail hour via the train.  The dinner was great and the Wedding Cuvee that we blended at Generosa winery (under the expert direction of Chris Geminani) was served and received many accolades.  There were even reports of some people trying to make off with some of the left over bottles, but our coordinator and the caterer rescued the bottles for us.


The first dance went off without a problem and no one seemed to notice the little ad lib elements we added in.  The cake was cut and Zoom Video stunned the crowd with a set of video clips that was absolutely amazing and contained not only the montage of Laurie and David growing up, but also highlights of the day until dinner.  It’s amazing what can be done by an expert with a good computer.

At the risk of taking up the entire bandwidth for my home line, here are WMV versions of the growing up montage and the highlight video. Sorry, WMV was all I could create at this time.  


Growing Up Montage

1.75 MB

Wedding Preparation

1.63 MB

Wedding & Reception

1.99 MB